Our Services

These are our main services

Integrative Medicine
Holistic Integrative Medicine services include:

  • basic medical services and preventive medicine measures. 
  • functional tests to assess more deeply the root cause of various conditions
  • The use of herbs, supplements, nutritional guidance and other modalities to support a holistic approach

addresses body, mind and Spirit and thus can target physical issues as well as deeper emotional needs.
It deeply elicits your inner healing potential.

  • What conditions can acupuncture address?
    In essence, Acupuncture can address a wide variety of conditions as it supports a person’s innate intelligence to regulate themselves.
  • Why Five Elements?
    Five Element Acupuncture is based on Taoist principles and includes determining your constitutional type, your source of greatest strength and greatest vulnerability. By giving it support, I strive to kindle your innate ability to balance and heal yourself. This in turn not only allows disease to resolve but also gives you new strength and vitality.
  • What can I expect from my first treatment?
    We will begin with an intake followed by a series of 4-6 weekly appointments. We can usually then begin spreading out the frequency of treatments. People usually know within a few sessions whether this method is right for them.
  • Does insurance cover acupuncture?
    Some plans do… please check with your insurance carrier.

Angela Ingendaay, MD

                                                    Helios Brain Insight Program

Is your brain health supporting YOU?
The BRAIN: The master controller of our health and wellbeing. Thus it is vital to know whether it is healthy. 

  • Many things can negatively affect its health, including traumatic brain injuries, exposure to toxins, poor nutrition … 
  • Early detection of cognitive deficits and other neurological issues is essential in order to address the root causes properly.
  • There are many therapeutic measures to support brain health  

        WE CAN ASSESS YOUR BRAIN HEALTH in a variety of ways
Here is our program:

  • An initial intake with an emphasis on brain health
  • A computerized cognitive assessment test to assess a broad spectrum of brain functions
  • A Brain Mapping program, a highly sophisticated technology well suited for office use, an easy and comfortable procedure based on EEG technology. It assesses and evaluates the distribution of your brain waves and compares it to a collection of healthy individuals of your own age. This can help us evaluate whether your brain health is well regulated or not. 

This will help us determine 

  • whether you are at risk of developing cognitive disorders such as memory loss, attention deficit and lack of mental focus in the future. We can detect changes as much as 10 years before they manifest as problems.
  • whether your issues, such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia or chronic stress are based on underlying issues of brain health

We can then follow up with further testing and therapeutic recommendations.

This method is now employed by neurologists and primary care doctors and may be reimbursed by your insurance. An extra consultation with an expert in the field is available upon request

We will not assess how intelligent you are, but rather whether your brain health can support your intelligence, creativity and overall well-being. It is very much like going to the cardiologist for an EKG or stress test.