Our Philosophy

Helios Integrative Medicine embraces East and West in an integrative approach

The Eastern wing of my practice offers 5-Element Constitutional Acupuncture and Moxibustion, based on ancient Taoist principles. It allows me to touch your deeper needs and aspirations, balance the many aspects of body, mind and spirit and restore inner strength and vitality. It enhances your ability to heal yourself and access your own inner resources, touching on your inner wisdom to follow your path of integrity and wholeness.

The Western wing offers a range of allopathic medical services in a holistic, integrative framework. This implies that we seek to find solutions for your health that supports you in your core. The practice includes the use of regular Western medications as well as herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and supplements.

The two together provide you with safe and effective therapies that allow you to address issues at their core and enhance your sense of well-being from within.

By integrating these two forms of medicine, I can oftentimes minimize the need for medications and diagnostic procedures while still maintaining a safety net of medical support. At the same time, I provide a sound preventative basis for your healthcare.

I see people of all ages and of all walks of life, with many different issues, from various levels of pain to more deeply rooted internal disease. I also see people that come primarily to improve their emotional sense of well-being, people that wish to make a shift in their lives. Oftentimes, physical and emotional issues are deeply intertwined. I strive to address all these levels in one integrative, holistic approach that strengthens you in your core.



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