The Helios for Wellness Academy

We help people help themselves

Dr Ingendaay has partnered with other Health care practitioners and educators to offer courses and guidance that will help you help yourself.

You will be empowered to release old stress patterns, create greater wellbeing and expand into your potential.

“We teach incredibly simple and highly effective tools for rapid and lasting change.”

  • Are unwanted habits, emotions and cravings compromising your health?
  • Unable to release stress?
  • Struggling with depression, anxiety, fatigue, inertia?

We invite you to step out of the mode of struggle
and into the mode of Ease to create greater health and wellbeing.

Be Well – With Ease

Transform your life through tangible change

Unlock unwanted habits

Dissolve long-held tensions

Welcome new possibilities

And Enjoy the Journey!

The latest findings in neuropsychology show we can effortlessly release old habits
and patterns using simple tools to retrain our brain. Yes, you can easily “change your
mind” in your favor.

The solution is readily at hand inside of you right now.

It works because it‘s based on a simple truth:

“We achieve lasting change by connecting with our innate intelligence to be well…”

This work is all about the mind – not just about how we think but also how we remember, how we encode everything we experience as memories which then guide our behavior. Learn to access these memories in a new way and free yourself from inner bondage, live the life you truly want to live.

We have designed everything to help you achieve rapid and lasting change. The Helios Method © brings together the best of Eastern and Western medicine, counseling, and the newest findings in neuropsychology. All these traditions agree on one point: change your mind, and you will change your health and your life.

We offer a series of courses presented in 2 phases:

  • First, you gain tangible results on the level of habitsand thought patterns
  • Then, we move deeper to resolve any underlying conflicts
    and anchor you in a greater sense of wellbeing.

You will learn to tune into the wisdom of your body, mind and Spirit and kindle your own intelligence to be well.

This tiered approach allows our students to consistently enjoy lasting, transformative

You have our full support and we know you can learn these tools quickly and effectively to create the change you are longing for.

We offer interactive courses for you to master specific skills and lay the foundation for lasting change.
We present:

  • Instructional videos that delineate the basics of the Helios Method (c).
  • Accompanying interactive 7-day action plans guided by our experts that allow you to better assimilate the material and make these tools your own.

The courses provide a safe and entirely confidential setting and allow for interactive learning.





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