Meet Dr Ingendaay

Angela Ingendaay MD

  • Board Certification in Internal Medicine 1995
  • Board Certification in Holistic Integrative Medicine 2012
  • In private practice, “Helios Integrative Medicine”, since 1998

“I started my career in medicine as a research doctor, but soon came to realize I was more interested in ancient forms of medicine that worked with the intelligence of Nature. This led me to discover Chinese medicine and 5 Element Classical Acupuncture. In my twenty years of practice, I have been deeply touched by the healing power of this intelligence and how truly satisfying it is for both my patients and myself to come in harmony with it.”


 “At the same time, I realized that a holistic approach to Western medicine would allow me to assure my patients a strong foundation of health. Thus I returned to my training and completed Board certification in both Internal and Holistic Medicine.”


“ I have also come to appreciate brain health as a crucial aspect of health and wellbeing and have been able to put together a very comprehensive program, Helios Brain Insight, to assess and support it in order to ensure ongoing vitality and mental sharpness in my patients.”


“By integrating Western medicine with 5-Element Acupuncture, I can often vastly enhance my patients’ wellbeing and minimize the need for medications and diagnostic procedures while still maintaining a safety net of medical support. “


 “I see people of all ages and of all walks of life, with a variety of issues from pain to more deeply rooted internal disease. I also see people that come simply to enhance their well-being and make a shift in their lives. Oftentimes, physical and emotional issues are deeply intertwined. I strive to address all these levels in one integrative, holistic approach that strengthens you in your core.”